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Smart investments are always the cheapest

Smart investments are always the cheapest

Smart investments are always the cheapest

Smart investments are always the cheapestThe economic crisis has humbled many entrepreneurs who were forced to lock their business. Others, however, felt the profitable investment opportunities, so instead of bankruptcy, the recession gave birth, on the other hand, to successful business and windfall profits for brave investors.

Finally, the market has followed a natural economic trend, with the recession and without it: business effectiveness and creativity are a general dictum applied to entrepreneurs. In addition, starting a business retains the same biological risks, regardless of the economic situation, as well as courage and entrepreneurship, remains the essential feature.

If you own this quality and, in addition, you own and finance the necessary investment in a business, some areas present many opportunities in the future.

Renewable Energy

Compared to the real estate boom before the economic crisis, the renewable energy sector, for nearly two years, became the new stake for millionaires in Romania, while also attracting many foreign investors.

Boosting renewable energy in the future by the European Commission through funding programs and development strategy of the production capacity of electricity, from alternative sources, credited this area as a safe area for investment.

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Trade online

The need to restructure the investment budgets has pushed traders to sell online. Cheaper and more efficient, online trading remained in the sight of investors who see the Internet as a whole and a profitable investment opportunity after the crisis.

IT: software, cloud services, consulting

In a simple analysis, the best companies working in Information Technology, in addition, the potential in the innovation of this segment has attracted many foreign investors to Romania (Intel, the biggest maker of microprocessors in the world has just invested in a laboratory for research and development in the software). IT companies were the most profitable companies since 2012, from IT outsourcing and consulting services, to the development of software systems and technologies, the IT industry is a sure bet. Lately, cloud services present a great development as well.

Applications for smartphones

The revolution of smartphones has innovated a new segment in the software industry: developing applications for smartphones and gamingphones. Not only in foreign markets, the new performance brought smartphones updated industry to manufacturers that have developed applications and games that respond to requirements as a prompt release of the newest, most sophisticated smartphones. In addition, results are only a promising market – sales applications market in Romania increased significantly.

BIO products

In a society intoxicated with E numbers, additives and preservatives especially hysterical harmfulness of the food they consume, organic products began to be seen as a necessity. Promoted as “healthy medicine”, this type of business would not need any other marketing effort. But, if you need something to start with, http://businesses-properties.com/poultry-farm-with-meat-processing-unit-for-sale-in-romania/ may be a solution. From food and clothing to cosmetics and bio industry, BIO will only grow in the future.


Also as a result of market demand, growing vegetables is, in turn, a very promising idea. In a market monopolized by imported products, consumers are going to consume healthy foods, especially the Romanians. Not only the existence of a strong demand for Romanian vegetables, but the higher price, often make investment in an organic vegetable garden very tempting for small entrepreneurs.

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