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Wood – the future of house construction

Wood – the future of house construction

Wood – the future of house construction

Wood – the future of house constructionThe building of wooden houses, also called in French „Maison en bois”, evolved over time in different forms, depending on the space and comfort of human needs. Technology is changing and it also depends on socio-economic conditions , the availability of materials and labor.

The oldest known building material was wood, always on hand and easy to work with relatively simple means. Archaeological excavations have shown that this material was most often used in buildings, homes and by fortifications and reinforcements.

For centuries, wood construction technology has been brought to a degree of perfection and refinement that makes it search the world for its superiority over other technologies. The best example of application of this technology is found in Canada and the USA, where 90% of individual homes and multifamily (duplex, triplex apartments) up to 3 levels are constructed of wood in combination with other materials. It ensures a degree of economic efficiency (cost of construction and operation) and unmatched comfort. Socio-economic characteristics of North American society -rapid growth and population mobility – imposed the need for fast and cheap housing construction.

The opening of new economic centers, for example, did occur overnight. Neighborhoods and new cities – with population who gravitate to new opportunities – were created. In the past 200 years North American technologies have led to a process of refining the method of construction and use of materials, which reached a level of true art. North American homes are required in all over the world, the Middle East, to Europe and the West, from Australia to beyond the Arctic Circle.

The most important thing is the speed of execution. „Une maison en bois Ecokit”, for example, of 200-300 square metres can be ready in 10 to 12 weeks, compared to traditional masonry houses which have a period of execution of over 10 times longer. Another major advantage is the elastic resistance of wooden structure that provides security easily, 8-8.5 degree earthquake on the Richter scale, as demonstrated by Canadian homes, Japan and the hurricanes of 250-300 km/h, as seen in many parts of the United States, haunted by these calamities.

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The fact that the wooden wall sandwich with mineral wool insulation provides superior thermal resistance it will allow us the use of much thinner walls, thereby increasing the surface area up to 10% (on a 200sqm house, for example, earn a 20sqm room without affecting the built area). This is very important especially in cities, where land is small and withdrawals imposed do not allow for a generous impression of the building.

Finally, the quality of high thermal resistance will reduce operating costs (heating, cooling) by 50%, as you can see Ecokitfrance.com, compared to masonry construction, which has a much higher thermal inertia. A wooden house can be heated from several hours to several days and, if necessary, can reheat in just a few minutes. Real estate market is perfectly suited to this technology, being conditioned by two important factors: the lack of quality and low financial power of the cunsomer

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