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How To Transform Your Cold Calling Strategy

How To Transform Your Cold Calling Strategy

How To Transform Your Cold Calling Strategy

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Did Cold Calling Put You Off?

Have you received a cold sales call lately? How did it go? Was it from someone trying to sell you insurance? Did they make it sound like you were the 365th person on their list? You were probably put off so badly that even if you needed the product or service, you just wanted to get the hell off that phone. That seems to be most people’s experience of cold calling. So you can appreciate what a difficult task this particular one is.

And it’s one task you’d never want to do, given the choice. But now, you’re the entrepreneur with a startup. Or maybe you’re the member of a sales team. The time has come to make cold sales calls and you can’t put it off any longer. A word of warning. Don’t dread cold calling. I just read a great article on this topic at youdontneedacrm.com. Successful cold calling is all about developing the right strategy. And when it’s done right, it becomes a win/win situation for all involved.

A Few Tips

A few points to keep in mind before making a cold call:

  • Do your homework in advance. Try to identify companies or individuals who are in need of your product or service. If it’s a company, try to find the name of the person dealing with purchases. Or with the area which uses your product or service. If you are trying, for example, to sell photocopiers, try to speak to the office manager.
  • Try a relaxed approach. Introduce yourself as a person first and forget about the sales for a while. Concentrate on building a relationship with the person so you can engage them in conversation. This will help you to discover what problems they face so you can help solve these problems with your product or service.
  • Don’t put yourself under pressure to close a deal on the very first call. Remember, it takes time to convert a cold pitch to a warm prospect. Patience, as well as persistence, will help you win in the end.

Cold Calling Is Fun

Cold calling is not easy, but it’s a skill like any other. This skill can be learned and mastered. And once the skill is mastered, the future is assured. The future of your company if you are an entrepreneur. And the future of your job if you’re a salesman. Because the truth is, no company ever wants to let a good salesman go. So study the article, learn the skill and start taking control of the future now.

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