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The alien life is more bizarre than we imagined. A bacteria feeds on pure energy.

The alien life is more bizarre than we imagined. A bacteria feeds on pure energy.

The alien life is more bizarre than we imagined. A bacteria feeds on pure energy.

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Year 2014 brought some exceptional discoveries that will certainly change many theories about life and us humans. In California, microbiologists have discovered a bacteria that feeds with electrons and not food. This discovery, experts say that will change our whole theory of life and that we must take seriously the existence of extraterrestrial life.

It was called the electrical bacteria and extracts the electrons from rocks and metals. Professor Nelson speaks about the fact that human cells need food, which decompose into electrons. These bacteria take the electrons directly, without the need of food. The bacteria has the ability to form some biological cables that become real electrically conductive . Researchers in Denmark say that in the near future, these bacteria can be used as a real underground electricity cables.

Nelson and his team made this discovery by sampling of ocean sediments which electrodes were placed on in the laboratory. The experiment created an energy. The bacteria began to feed on the electrons produced. Professor Nelson wonders when we will feed by putting two fingers in the socket? In the attention of scientists returns more strongly and motivated by this time that there is life on Mars.

In 1911, several meteorites that originated from Mars fell near the city Alexandria in Egypt. Last year, a team of greek specialists discovered a bacteria on a large meteorite, embedded into meteorite. Given the large size the bacteria has, the scientists have determined that is not extraterestrial. How occured life on Mars? Specialists take into account the theory that an asteroid that hit the planet has produced cells containing water.

Last year was discovered a hybrid mummy in northern Germany which is supposedly belonging to an alien. The place where was discovered the mummy is close to that which was discovered in 2001 the called Nebra disc, with an age of 3,500 years. The mummy measured one meter and had no genitals. The disc is made of bronze, by a technique that mankind did not knew 3,500 years ago. Experts say that it represents the star charts and was left on Earth by the aliens who have visited those regions.

Last year another discovery surprised the scientific world. It’s a picture of an asteroid which has on its surface a dark rock. That area seems to be inhabited. The darker revealed two pyramids and other shapes that are carved in stone with great precision. Specialists exclude that these formations are made by the forces of nature, given their finesse and their regular forms.

Voice of Russia made an announcement in 2014, saying that it was discovered a piece of aluminum that has existed 300 million years ago. Aluminum piece was encrusted in a piece of coal, which a russian wanted to put into the fire. Experts analyzed the metal and established its age.

There were civilizations so advanced 300 million years ago? Year 2014 brought a new theory about human DNA. The two researchers claim to have discovered a mathematical message in the human genetic code. The human genetic code has certain alien characteristics and was invented beyond the solar system. Experts say that in the human body are still many mysteries that we have not yet deciphered.

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