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The Family Vacation and Teenagers

The Family Vacation and Teenagers

The Family Vacation and Teenagers

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If your child is in his or her teens, you’re likely observing that they’re no longer interested in the family vacation. Use the suggestions below to address your teenager’s changing needs when you’re planning your family vacation.

Don’t be angry that your child seems less than thrilled to go on a family vacation because this is a natural part of maturing for your child. By being aware of your child’s attitude towards the family vacation you’ll be able to determine whether the time has come to address your child’s needs as a maturing adult.

Consider whether your family vacation can accommodate bringing a friend along for your teenager in order to satisfy your teenager’s needs and your desire to preserve the family vacation.

You can address the proposition with your child first or by checking out whether the other child’s parents would agree to such an arrangement, including any money contributions you would want to cover the additional expense.

Consider whether changing the type of vacation you’re planning might better support your teenager’s needs such as those vacations that have teen clubs or that provide your teen with the opportunity to engage in many activities with their peers.

Consider whether you should scrap plans to bring your teen with you on the family vacation and instead schedule time for your teen at a sleep-away camp. You can schedule your vacation during the time your child is away at camp.

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Determine whether your teen would be more willing to participate on weekend trips rather than the annual family vacation and choose to divide your vacation budget up into a couple of weekend getaways instead of the usual family trip.

Determine whether skipping your vacation is the best option for keeping everyone happy in a given year, especially if you don’t want to spend time away from your teen.

Make sure that your teen’s negative feelings about a family vacation are not part of a bigger problem before addressing vacation rather than personal needs.

For instance, if your child is engaging in risky behaviors that obviously he or she would not want you to know about so that he or she would hesitate to go on vacation with you, then you have to address the primary problem rather than your vacation needs.

Consider whether the teenager is getting along better with one parent rather than the other and consider scheduling a vacation for that child and that parent instead of a group vacation. If there are a lot of arguments between a teen and a parent or if the parents are fighting frequently, these situations are sometimes worsened by family vacations.

If your family vacation usually involves staying with a relative or friends, reconsider your lodgings for the family vacation. By planning on staying in a hotel rather than with a family member on vacation, you’ll reduce the stress experienced by everyone during your vacation.

Your family vacation should be a pleasant recreational experience for everyone in your family. Use the suggestions above for implementing travel plans that take your teenager’s needs into account.

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