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Web Design Tips For A Successful Tomorrow

Web Design Tips For A Successful Tomorrow

Web Design Tips For A Successful Tomorrow

Building a website is not hard, but building a website that others will want to come back to is not easy! Most web designers fall into the trap of displaying too much artistic ability in one design. Instead of focusing all of your talents into one web design, spread out your talents to work in your favor. There are plenty of ways to please a web design customer with some of the simple and straightforward ideas below.

Simplicity is the key to a good website. It can be tempting to add flashing images, bold text and graphics under every paragraph. What are you trying to communicate with your design? Don’t add too much information on one page as it can become overwhelming for the visitor. If you display too much text, a visitor is likely to leave your website and not come back.

Lead the eye around your design by highlighting important information. An easy way to highlight information is to use bold letters, larger text or a highlighted background. Use this method sparingly and don’t overdo it. When highlighting so-called important information, highlight calls to action such as your phone number, email address or a limited time offer link.

Web Design Tips For A Successful Tomorrow

Make it easy for visitors to relate to your design. Let them know in five seconds or less what it is that your website does for them and what you want them to do. There are so many websites out there that fail to really let a visitor know what the company does. It’s a shame because no matter how good your web design is, if the text is bad or doesn’t communicate a quick point across, you can lose your visitors.

Get personal with your visitors. If you are trying to sell a product or a service, use personal testimonials or photographs of happy customers. Most corporations forget the importance of simple down-to-earth ways of communicating with their potential customers. Don’t make the same mistake! Add a private touch to your web design and you will find that people appreciate the added personality.

Use common sense in terms of navigation and make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Most companies have an ‘about us’ page,so include this into your web design. Try to keep the navigation straightforward by using links that speak for themselves.

It can be tempting to link the contact info to your About Us page, but it can be confusing for the visitor looking at the website. Instead, have a separate ‘contact us’ page so your visitors can quickly find the information they are looking for.

Use colors sparingly throughout the website. A professional designer will only use about two to four colors on a given website. Don’t fall out of that pattern! Professionalism doesn’t necessarily mean cramming tons of graphics and color into one website.

It is important to use initiative when designing a website. Don’t fall prey to thinking professionalism means too much color, text or graphics. Communicate important calls to action and make it easy for people of all ages to navigate the website!

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