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What Kitchen Appliance is Missing?

What Kitchen Appliance is Missing?

What Kitchen Appliance is Missing?

Do you walk into your kitchen and think, « Something’s missing.» No, not like you’ve been robbed or anything. More like, my counter tops need something new. Are you thinking, Do I have all of the appliances I need?

There’s your toaster, blender, food processor, Kichenaid mixer, coffee grinder, coffee press, water heater, fancy stovetop even with a grill and air suction, bread slicer, Nutribullet, spiralizer and a few other items.

That may be plenty but if you’re an aficionado of cooking and of anything food-related, you will know that you can never have enough appliances, even if you run out of counter space.

You might think you have everything you need but have you ever considered getting a paella pan, a paella burner and the proper accessories?

You know, truly, authentic materials, perhaps even manufactured in Spain.This sort of equipment is typically not in the kitchens of most enthusiastic cooks, even very experienced home chefs. It could be because they haven’t thought of it…until now!

paella burner and pan

Sure, it’s relatively easy to make paella on the kitchen stovetop or even in the oven but do you think you can improve it if you had the correct equipment?

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At the moment, you probably can not answer that last question with very much confidence, so what’s one to do to remedy the situation? Try it out first with borrowed equipment. If you know someone who owns a paella burner and pan, plus the other required equipment, try to borrow it from them to use it before you make the decision to purchase your own. That’s the most practical thing to do if you’re in doubt.

The results from using the correct cooking equipment will be significantly superior from just « winging it. » Of course, this might be necessary if you aren’t able to procure your own authentic equipment due to cost or other issues, but if you can budget it into your plans, you will not regret this acquisition.

Once you get the hang of making your paella using the paella burner, proper pan, organic ingredients and spices, and you are able to tweak your perfect recipe, you will surely love having your new appliance and anyone who is lucky enough to taste your amazing paella, will love that you have it, too!

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