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What should you know before looking for a real estate property?

What should you know before looking for a real estate property?

What should you know before looking for a real estate property?

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What should you know before looking for a real estate property?Are you looking for a real estate commercial property? What do you want it to be, a building for offices, a factory? For how long approximately are you planning to keep it?

Before you start looking for real estate properties for sale there are some questions that you will have to find the answers first. The most important of all is this: will you go with a real estate agency or on your own?

By going on this road with a real estate agency you will have to make sure that you can really trust it and that the agents are true professionals. Here are some advices to help you making the difference easier between a true professional real estate agency and a poor-services-offering one.

The first step in making this difference is given by the listing quality (the offer posted on the internet – this represents now the quickest way to get to a property and, implicitly in the most cases, to a real estate agency). The property of a professional real estate agency posted on the internet has a high-class “package”, treated with a lot of attention, coherent descriptions and high-quality photos.

The second step in avoiding a poor-services-offering agency is given by the pre-meeting with the agent, before making any visit of the properties.

At this meeting you will tell the agent exactly what you’re wishing for and during it you will see if he really knows what he’s doing, if he really is a professional, or not. And finally the third step is happening at the visit’s moment when you can analyze the relationship between the agent and the owner. This relationship should be a strong and trusting one.

The advantage in choosing this way, in spite of paying an extra-sum at the end of the transaction, is that the real estate agent knows the market very well so the risk of paying for a property more than it really values is eliminated.

Although the most people choose to go for a transaction like this with a real estate agency, there are people who choose to go by their own too. If you want to go this way I will give you some advices for avoiding unpleasant situations.

In the first place you will have to do a detailed market research for establishing the right price for that area so you won’t be tricked by the people who are trying to sell the property for a much bigger sum than it really values. After viewing a considerable number of properties in order to have yourself a compare point, you must check the nearby too.

The advantage in choosing to go on your own for buying a real estate property is that you can save the agency’s transaction commission but you can also be tricked easier because of the lack of your experience in the real estate market field.

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